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David Williams-Ellis

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Ray Gravell

Ray Gravell
The Guru

The Guru
Naomi Gummer

Naomi Gummer
Simon Berry

Simon Berry
Sir Kyffen Willilams

Sir Kyffen Willilams
Group of Children

Group of Children
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Portfolio for David Williams-Ellis - Commissionaportrait

David Williams-Ellis works in clay and casts in bronze and glass. His work is exhibited internationally and can be found in private and public collections through out Europe, the Americas and the Far East. The sculptures are derived mainly from the human figure and although they heve a strong contemporary feel, they recall the romantic power of Rodin or Bourdelle as well as the more classical renaissance tradition of Italy where David trained. Over the past 20 years, Davids work has attained a new balance and a reflective serenity. Where he often captured an ethereal lightness in his figures, they now seem also to embrace a more robust physical, even earthy senuousness. The heads, busts and nudes that were the basis of David's work have evolved into a number of magnificent life-sized commissions for a variety of private and corporate patrons. For more information and to contact the artist, click on the buttons on the left.
Birth date   1959
Education   1972-77 Studied Stowe  
1977-78 Florence - Studied with Signorina Nerina Simi  
Part time apprentice with Florentine woodcarvers  
Elizabeth T. Greenshield Foundation enabled me to studied at Pietrasanta for 18 months carving marble.  
1981-84 Returned to England and studied part-time at the Sir John Cass School of Art under Clive Duncan  
1993 Elected member of Royal Cambrian Academy
Awards   1979 - Elizabeth T. Greenshield Foundation
Selected Commissions   Selected from a long list of notable commissions;  
1986 - Lord Vestey  
1987 - Henry Harper-Crewe & Lord Vernon - The National Trust  
1988 - Trevor Clay - The Royal College of Nurses  
1989 - Robert Willet; The Hon. Edward Fairfax: Major John Charlton: Vincent d'Aguilar  
The Duchess of Abercorn;  
1990 Lord Shuttleworth - The National Trust  
Duncan MacLaren: Otis Ferry  
1992 - Lord Aberconway  
1993 - Lord St. Oswald - The National Trust  
Sir David Butter  
1996 - Simon Cadbury; Desmond Thompson - Queens University, Belfast  
Camilla Baring  
1997 - Nicholas Durlacher, L.I.F.F.E.  
2000 - Profesor Barry O'Donnell - The Royal College of Surgeons  
2001 - Lord Soulsby - The Royal College of Irish Surgeons  
Gordon Richards - Carlisle Racecourse  
Sir Kyffin Williams - The Royal Cambrian Academy  
2004 - Siir Denis Rooke - Loughborough University  
2006 - John Monckton - The Knights of Malta  
2007 - John Chichester Constable - Burton Constable Hall  
2007 - Anthony Berry - Berry Brothers Wine Merchants  
2007 - Mother and Child - Hargreaves Centre Liverpool for N.S.P.C.C.  
2008 - The Guru - Skandavale Temple, Carmarthen  
2008 - Ray Gravell - Scarlets Stadium, Llanelli
Solo Exhibitions   1988 - The Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, London  
1990 - Contemporary Sculpture Centre, Tokyo, Japan  
1993 - Oriel Plas, Glyn-y-Weddw  
1993 - Tatsumi Collection, St. James, London  
1995 - Sladmore Gallery, London  
1996 - La Cymaise, Paris  
1998 - Albany Gallery, Cardiff  
1999 - Bank of Ireland, Dublin  
2003 - Robert Bowman Gallery, London  
2005 - XVA Gallery, Dubai, U.A.E.  
2006 - Villa D'Este, Como, Italy  
2007 - The Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece  
2008 - The Secret Exhibition, Dublin
Artist's Statement   I need my sculptures to live and breathe – they have to be powerful with their own energy and movement. My aim is to create art that you want to enjoy and revisit – to experience something new each time. The ability to translate the absolute essence of what I see in other people is paramount to my sculpture.

Statement      Sittings are approximately 3 day sessions of 2-4 hours duration, totalling approximately 25 hours. Sittings are always from life. To be done either at my studio in Cumbria, but will travel by arrangement. Sittings can also be done in London at my house.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
A STUNNING bronze statue of the late Ray Gravell was unveiled at the Parc Y Scarlets stadium in Llanelli yesterday ahead of the opening game of the season.It depicts Gravell in his trademark beard and swashbuckling style of running and stands on a stone  
plinth.Unveiling the magnificent 10-ton statue before theScarlets and Leinster game were Ray’s wife anddaughters, Mari, Gwenan and Manon.  
World-renowned artist David Williams-Ellis was commissioned to create the commemorative sculpture last June. It now stands guard outside the Castell Howell main south stand in front of the museum and main reception at the new £23m stadium.  
Ray’s wife Mari has previously said the statue made her and their daughters feel very  
“He was a Scarlet through and through and I can’t think of a more fitting tribute,” she  
The former player, broadcaster and actor died in 2007 from a suspected heart attack,  
aged 56. He was on holiday with his family in Mallorca.