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Bridget Orlando

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Portfolio for Bridget Orlando - Commissionaportrait

Bridget Orlando grew up in the countryside where she had many pets, and where she first started to draw and paint animals. Nature is one of her great loves, plants and animals have been a great theme throughout all her work. She studied at West Surrey College of Art and Design where she received a B.A. Degree in Fine Art. After receiving a travel scholarship she then went on to study at the Ecole de Beaux Arts in Aix en Provence. On returning from France she came to live in London where she has been working since. She has a studio in Hackney and exhibits regularly in London and abroad.
Birth date   09 08 60
Education   B.A. Hons Degree in Fine Art from West Surrey College of Art and Design
Group Exhibitions   From a long list of exhibitions;  
1995 - Syndicated Arts, The Missing Link, London  
1997 - Five Woman Artists Plus, St James' Church, London  
1997 - Mixed Show, Heiffer Gallery, London  
1998 - Space Open Studios, Part of Whitechapel Open, London  
1999 - Kiss 7, Gallery K, London  
2000 - Mixed show, Heifer Gallery, London  
2001 - Kiss 9, Gallery K, London  
2001 - Mixed Show at Arab British Chamber of Commerce  
2001 - La Maison des Artistes, London  
2002 - A Dog is for Life, Garden of Eden Gallery, London
Artist's Statement   "Working as a commissioned artist doing pet portraits has led me down some unexpected avenues. I really enjoy working with animals and meeting thier owners. I have found that being involved with this work has led me into explorations of my own regarding the nature of pets, their variety and breeding.  
My approach to the commissions is to create an image which is contemporary, but also bearing in mind the taste and requirements of each individual client, without sacrificing my own individuality or style.  
Expressing the personality of the pet is an important aspect of the commissioned work, and it helps to see the environment in which the animal lives also.  
Aside from the commissions themselves I have started work on a series of paintings which explore the more extreme end of breeding. I have become fascinated, particularly with dogs and the extraordinary lengths breeders go to create pedigree dogs in the most bizarre and unusual forms, and indeed the humanisation that seems to take place.  
There is a certain amount of humour involved in my work, perhaps at times slightly ironic as I explore the more absurd, but never the less ingenious aspect of our relationship to animals and nature."

Statement      Bridget Orlando likes to meet the animal first and take a series of photographs. This way she ensures that she has some knowledge of the pet's personality and that she can make a clear record of it's markings. The photography session takes on average around two hours. However, if the animal is particularly shy or temperamental, a longer time may be required, or indeed another session. Generally an outdoors environment works best for dogs. If the client has a garden this is probably the best place, as it is important that the animal is comfortable and relaxed. For cats I find an indoors environment works best as they have a tendency to wander off.  
If for some reason it is not possible to take photos Bridget is prepared to work from the client's photos providing they are clear and of good quality. However, the client should take note that the portrait will only serve as a likeness given in the photo provided.  
The beauty of painting is that the subject can be placed in any kind of environment that you like, from the fanciful to the mundane, indoors, outdoors or somethings simple like a plain background or a favourite landscape. The choice is yours. Bridget is happy to discuss any ideas with you or make some suggestions.  
Commissons are available in a variety of mediums such as; oils, watercolour, pen and ink or digital prints. If there is a specific medium that the client requires, such as fresco or mixed media the artist would be happy to discuss the clients individual needs.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
AnimalsFrom 800 $1130
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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