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Tim Holleyman

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The Hawkins Sisters

The Hawkins Sisters
Stuart George

Stuart George
Bevin Denton

Bevin Denton

The English Garden

for sale
The English Garden £700.00
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Portfolio for Tim Holleyman - Commissionaportrait

portrait painter
Birth date   19/02/82
Education   2001 - 2004 The Arts Institue at Bournemouth  
2006 - Lavender Hill Studios London
Selected Commissions   2006 - King Charles - Musician  
2006 - LtCol Kenny J Mathis (US army)  
2007 - Jess Isley  
2007 - Bevin Denton  
2007 - Arin Alldridge  
2008 - Katie Louise Simpson  
2008 - The Hawkins Sisters  
2008 - Sam Coleridge  
2008 - Joseph Perdigao  
2008 - Remi Wyart  
2008 - Vincent Brown  
2008 - Emily Pimm
Group Exhibitions   Lavender Hill Studios Winter 06 Exhibition  
Lavender Hill Studios Wnter 07 Exhibition  
Not the Turner Prize, Mall Galleries 04
Artist's Statement   My aspirations in painting are rooted in the subtle effects of light and atmosphere. I am inspired by such masters as John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn, Whistler and Velasquez. The ability to describe light through careful manipulation of tone is something I believe is central to my work. Through control of edges and colour I aim to create an atmosphere that allows the viewer to put something of themselves into the work, drawing them in to make viewing the painting an interactive experience.

Statement      I would require an initial meeting with the client of around 2 hours to discuss their requirements for the artwork and to decide upon the pose. I will then work from life in the client’s house or workplace to complete the portrait. This typically takes 2 to 3 sittings of around 2 or 3 hours for a head and shoulders commission. Where required with young children I would take a number of photos and sketches, finally completing the work from life. However in most cases the best results are achieved working from life. I will return to the client 6 months after the completion of the portrait to varnish the picture.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 750    $1300
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 1500    $2700
Half LengthFrom £ 2300 $4200
3/4 LengthFrom £ 3000 $5500
Full LengthFrom £ 4900 $9000
Double PortraitFrom £ 3800 $7000
Group PortraitFrom £ 6000 $11000
BuildingsFrom £ 800 $1400
WildlifeFrom £ 1000 $1800
InteriorsFrom £ 950 $1700
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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