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Bill Leyshon

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Bill's Family

Bill's Family
Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley
Charles Hazlewood

Charles Hazlewood
Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson
John Cullen

John Cullen
Gerald Doble

Gerald Doble
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Portfolio for Bill Leyshon - Commissionaportrait

Commission A Portrait Artist
Birth date   10.5.1957
Introduction   Bill Leyshon started painting in 2004 without formal art training. To improve draftsmanship, he has attended life drawing classes and is constantly sketching and painting his family and friends. In learning to paint, he shared the studio of Pierre Saez in Normandy as well as visiting many museums and galleries.  
He continues to experiment in different media and recently studied portrait painting at Central St Martins.
Awards   2008 Millfield Summer Show Prizewinner
Selected Commissions   2007 Harry Patch (survivor WWI) commissioned by WD Press  
2007 Michael Eavis (Glastonbury festival)  
2008 Charles Hazelwood (conductor)  
2008 Alice Temperley (Fashion designer)  
2008 Jim Cullen-Jones (TV producer)
Group Exhibitions   2005 Trouville, France  
2007 Trouville, France
Solo Exhibitions   2007 'Men Who Work' Strode Theatre, Somerset  
2008 'The Bigger Pictures' The Pilton Tithe Barn  
2008 'The Pilton Portraits' Strode Theatre, Somerset
Artist's Statement   The choice of lighting, expression and colour to see the best, or most, of somebody seems endlessly challenging. There is an intense pleasure in seeing the person gradually appear on canvas and then modelling and refining the image until you decide to stop and let go.  
The tight unspoken rules of portraiture where there has to be a deep likeness, sense of design and an intuitive understanding of the person gives an underlying tension to painting portraits which pushes you to a higher sensitivity.

Statement      After phone discussions of the size and type of portrait, a meeting is agreed, usually at the subject's house. An oil sketch and working photographs can be achieved at the first meeting if the right composiion and lighting can be found. Then the portrait can be painted with these references in my studio. If the portrait is done live from sittings, that can be arranged depending on time and travel. Sittings are usualy one to two hours with breaks, three sittings are usualy enough for a head and shoulders portrait.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Head and Shoulders   From 1500    $2200
Half LengthFrom 2000 $3000
Full LengthFrom 4000 $6000
Group PortraitFrom 5000 $7500
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
...brilliant portrait of Harry Patch. You have realy captured the humility of the man. We've wiped out the FRONT PAGE with it today and also page 3 and the county council have already written to me saying they are so delighted with the portrait that they wonder if I will condider donating it to the county museum.  
Andy Wright (Editor, Western Daily Press) 6.11.2007