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How to link to us
Linking your site to CAP is simple!
From the drop down menu above, just select the subject that most compliments your site. There you will be presented with a selection of banners and buttons. Example sizes are shown below.
With your choice made, you then simply cut and paste the HTML code presented and insert into your web pages. Your site will now be able to offer your visitors a chance to see the finest portrait artists from Europe and further afield including artists who paint and sculpt - People, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Murals, Houses and the work of talented copyists who can copy photos and antique paintings

Examples of Banner Sizes Available:
Banner Size: 468 x 60 pixels Banner Size: 234 x 60 pixels Banner Size: 180 x 150 pixels Banner Size: 125 x 125 pixels Banner Size: 120 x 90 pixels Banner Size: 120 x 60 pixels Banner Size: 88 x 31 pixels